Conferences and Events

The Sheffield Methods Institute works with other departments across the university and with our external parters to host conferences and events for researchers, students and the wider academic and professional community, both across the UK and internationally.

Evidence and Insight: Interdisciplinary Dialogues & Developments series

Rigour & Relevance in Participative Inquiry: Learning from Experiences

10:30-16:00 - 2nd March 2018

ICOSS Board Room

Professor Davydd Greenwood from Cornell University will run this workshop to generate insights through conversations and reflections on engaging in participative forms of inquiry.

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Bringing Action Research Principles into Teaching and Research: Opportunities and challenges in the university

14:00-16:00 28 February 2018

SMI Seminar Room, ICOSS

Professor Davydd Greenwood will discuss the structures and cultures in the university and the challenges faced when it comes to social improvement in this seminar.

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Innovative Methods in the Social and Political Sciences Workshop 

2nd-3rd May 2018

The University of Sheffield 

The Sheffield Methods Institute, the Department of Politics and the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership Interdisciplinary Pathway 'Civil Society, Development and Democracy' are hosting a workshop for PhD students at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The aim of this workshop is to explore the possibilities and limits of approaches and practices from different disciplines and contexts. The focus of the discussion and presentations include questions such as: what methods are best to illuminate particular issues in the study, for example, of governance and participation? How might we combine methods, in practice, to further our understanding and how do manage expectations that different parties might have for how the knowledge generated informs policies and actions?

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