Migrants in the City: New Dynamics of Migration in Urban Settings
An interdisciplinary and international conference

The SMI is launching its first conference with partners from Faculty of Social Science Migration Research Group and Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN) on 12th & 13th October at Culter's Hall, Sheffield.

The international and interdisplinary conference will look at the key questions around international migration in relation to urban development, residential segregation and diversity. Migrants in the city will explore relationships between rapid urbanisation and international migration and how that in turn effects social issues like segregation, climate change, economic restructuring and spatial identity.

Confirmed speakers include ; former Home Secretary Rt Hon Charles Clarke, Audrey Singer from the Brooking Institution and Madeleine Sumption from Oxford Migration Observatory. A full programme will be released when in June following the submission of panel discussion and abstracts.

For more information or to submitt an abstract or panel discussion visit the conference webpages here.