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Social Science MA student Alex's take on the G20 Argentina Summit

I saw the call for applications for the GLI trip a week or so before the start of term. The application process asked for a short essay of around 500 words, and as I had been out of education for a while I thought this would be a great opportunity to get back into the swing of thing. I wasn’t seriously thinking that I would get the opportunity to go to Argentina and attend the G20. Fast forward a few months, and I found myself sitting on a plane waiting to take off from Heathrow.

The best part of the week long experience – aside from the decadent hospitality (as much Argentinian wine as you can drink while still being able to write) in the media centre where we were based – was that we were no longer students. Instead, we were policy analysts for GLOSS and Global Policy, with the business cards to prove it. As such, this was very much a work trip, and we were afforded all the freedom and support that we wanted to produce an analysis of the discussions, reflecting on a policy topic that we had each researched.

Some of the group gave interviews to TV stations from around the world, another got to feature in a talk show for one of the main news channels in Argentina. We were individually able to attend the small scale relaxed press conferences being held by world leaders including Macron, Trudeau, Macri, Erdoğan, and May. Additionally, some of us had the opportunity to take over the twitter accounts from our departments. In short, we were provided with many experiences that will undoubtedly prove valuable going forward in the directions we are each looking to go in, whether that be a career in the civil service, with INGOs, in research, or in journalism.

But it wasn’t only a work trip. It was a fun trip. We were able to explore the lively markets of Buenos Aires, watch spirited tango dancers on the city’s bright cobbled streets, and visit the vividly colourful houses and shacks of La Boca. We worked with a lovely group of students from the university there, and most importantly we all of us who went quickly became good friends. The trip was great, and if anyone needed a push to apply for an expenses paid trip to potentially go half way around the trip, then know that Hugo Dobson and Matthew Bishop, the GLI accompanying lecturers, will do everything to ensure that you have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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