Training for PhD students

As a PhD student at the University of Sheffield, you will have access to training delivered by either the SMI, academic departments, the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership or the Faculty of Social Science.

Training is offered in the following key areas:

Discipline-based training: this provides a high-level understanding of academic debates in a specific field

Professional skills for research leadership: this is training in how academic work is funded, published and translated into practical use beyond the university

Ethics training: this module is to encourage students to be sensitive to issues of research integrity and ethics, starting from research design, through to publication and beyond

Research methods training: this training covers the foundations you will need to be a social scientist and provides exposure to cutting-edge methods that support students’ own projects and their future research ambitions

Interdisciplinary Pathway training: this pathway training enables students to articulate how their PhDs contribute to wider societal challenges

Career Development and Transferable Skills Training: this training will equip you with transferable skills needed in a range of careers

Apply for a PhD

You can apply for your PhD online through the online portal. We strongly advise you to contact your chosen department first to discuss your research proposal with potential supervisors. This way we can offer advice and guidance on applying for your PhD including details on the types of documents you may need, or how to present your application.

After discussing your research proposal, apply online.

Apply online