Our research projects

Our goal is research excellence with impact. Our team has been brought together specifically to achieve that goal. While some of us are pushing back the frontiers of quantitative methods, developing ever more accurate and nuanced analytical tools, others are putting these to good use.

We are using these tools on a number of big research projects with two of the most influential ESRC funded quantitative research centres; Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN) and the Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC).


Urban Segregation & Inequality

Advancing understanding of the measurement, causes and consequences of segregation and inequality in Scotland and the UK.

Location Dynamics & Ethnicity

Using surname grouping to identify ethnic identity this project will model the spatial dynamics of ethnic migration within and between cities in Scotland.


Employment and Segregation

Is immigration good for urban economies? This is one of the most pressing and politically sensitive social questions in the UK today, with profound implications for a range of policy decisions.

Other projects

Age, period and cohort effects

Age, period and cohort effects are three ways in which change can occur in society. However the three variables are exactly collinear, meaning separating their effects is impossible without methods that make strong assumptions. This project assesses and critiques age-period-cohort models currently being used, using systematic reviews, simulations, and replication of previous age-period-cohort studies. It will also provide a forum for methodologists to develop new methods and models in which assumptions are clearly defined, and provides training for researchers wishing to use such methods in their own work. This grant is funded by the British Academy and led by Dr Andrew Bell.