We invite you to get to know our academic team here at the SMI by reading our 'Spotlight on' interviews.  Find out who has a love of Ru Paul's Drag Race, who is a fan of a Disney bear and who hasn't been still because of all the UK's political data.  Take a look below, and find out what makes them tick! 


Dr Andrew Bell

We learn about Andy's desire to learn to dance and how he is upsetting F1 fans world wide.


Dr Mark Taylor

Mark tells us about anagrams, never ending research and Jinx Monsoon.

James Weinberg

Dr James Weinberg

The 2018 Walter Bagehot Prize winner talks Winnie the Pooh, Theodore Roosevelt and deforestation.

Kitty N

Dr Kitty Nichols

Bants, lads and Ervine Goffman.  Explore more and let Kitty help you think differently.


Dr Lucy Jackson

Our star baker talks gendered politics, continuous projects and being nosey.


Dr Todd Hartman

Todd tells us why he's being kept on his academic toes for the last few years and why he's reading 'Life in the UK'

Joshua Townsley

Dr Joshua Townsley

Rugby, Melvin Bragg and making maths accessible, Joshua tells us all.


Professor Gwylim Price

Multidiciplinary research, obscure russian authors and polo mints. Read more and get to know Gwylim.

Meng Le Zhang

Dr Meng Le Zhang

Meng Le tells us why his research influences all aspects of life and why he wishes he was better at Chinese.

Gwilym Owen

Dr Gwilym Owen

Gwilym tells us about influencing policy and learning languages.


Dr Aneta Piekut

Aneta tells us how she loves to get lost in data and why she should be more like her Insta-famous dog! 

Will Mason

Dr Will Mason

A fairer society, all knowing mentors and youth violence.  Will tells us more about his interests in and outside of work.