These webpages have been prepared to provide you with helpful information about studying in the Sheffield Methods Institute: the staff who will teach you, the courses we offer and how you are taught and assessed. In addition there is useful information on student support services, social activities and health and safety guidelines. Please take time to explore these pages at the start of the year, and check back in throughout the year as and when you have queries. It is designed as an important source of reference throughout your time at The University of Sheffield.

Please be sure to keep us informed of things we need to know about you. It is vital that if you change address you notify the Departmental Office and update your details online.

Your degree course allows an element of choice so please be sure to keep us informed of any changes. If you miss a tutorial or seminar please ensure that you see or contact the staff member concerned as soon as you can. There are sections in this online Handbook relating to illness and it is important that you observe the proper procedures, especially at examination time.

Please let us have your comments on the Handbook webpages, particularly any matters that you think are important but which have not been included in the present edition. Our aim is to provide you with a valuable source of information which will help things run smoothly. Please ensure that you refer to these Handbook webpages for the whole time you are at university.

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Have you thought about becoming a Sheffield Mentor?

Sheffield Mentors are volunteers who selflessly offer their time to enhance the experience of our new students. Every year we are amazed at the level of support, guidance and commitment that our mentors offer. We therefore feel that it is important that we make sure that our mentors are recognised for the great work that they do.

As a mentor you will support our new students throughout their transition to University Life. You will gain new skills that will support you through your learning and development, enhance your employability prospects and make you ready for professional practice.

As a mentor you will receive a certificate highlighting the training that you complete. It will also recognise the important contribution that you will make to the start of another student's University experience.

We also make an award to a number of 'Outstanding' mentors who are nominated by their mentees for the part they played in making their experience of starting at the University a great one.

We recommend that you use your experiences of peer mentoring to achieve the following valuable awards offered by the University Careers Service that will enable you to reflect on your experiences and achievements and enhance your employability prospects.

All mentors will be eligible to have their contribution to Sheffield Mentors accredited as part of the HEAR project.


Disclaimer - Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this Handbook is correct, the Department cannot take responsibility for any errors or omissions it contains. The Department reserves the right to cancel or make adjustments to the specifications of particular modules if necessary, and cannot guarantee to avoid timetable clashes for individual students.