PlaceME@SMI is a placement scheme funded by the Sheffield Q-Step Centre which is part of the Sheffield Methods Institute at The University of Sheffield.

We are giving undergraduate students a chance to work on exciting projects involving analysis of quantitative data, with our external partners such as commercial businesses and governement organisations or internally with our world-renowned researchers.

What you need to know

Placements will take place over the Summer of 2017 and will last approximately 6 weeks - working 35 hours a week.

As well as gaining invaluable hands-on experience that will boost your CV, you will also be paid during your placement at a rate of £8.80 per hour.


Before you apply

Before applying for a placement, you should think about how to prepare for the selection process and work on developing essential career management skills.

  • Do you know how to write a  clear CV and cover letter to sell your skills?
  • How to present your self during a job interview?
  • What behaviour is expected from you as an employee in different environments?

You can find out more information and useful resources at the Careers Service.

A dedicated information session about PlaceME@SMI scheme will take place in the first semester of the 2016/2017 academic year.

A list of available placements via SMI will be advertised in March 2017. This a voluntary and competitive scheme, the best candidates will be selected and this does not affect your degree result.

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Aneta Piekut

2015/2016 Placement Students Testimonials


My placement at SMI provided me with the perfect balance of independent work and learning new skills about what it’s like to work on a real research project. I loved being able to explore my own research interests, while collaborating on an exciting project with access to new data. I never thought I would have the confidence to learn a whole new statistical programme, and other quantitative skills that I never thought accessible to me. I learned practical skills on my placement, like the real application of statistical methods, but also that I can do, and enjoy, independent research.

Georgina H. Culliford, 3rd year, BA Sociology


My time as a research assistant on the SMI placement scheme gave me an opportunity to not only develop existing research skills, but establish proficiency in new quantitative research methods I had not used before. The ability to learn new software and work on current research within a professional academic context was invaluable. The placement was both a great chance to delve into research full-time, whilst also giving the freedom to investigate an area of personal interest within the research topic. Working with a professor in their area of expertise, and being involved in their research process, was an exciting and unique opportunity as an undergraduate student. I now have practical experience in quantitative research methods, particularly using coding, which I would never have the chance to acquire on my course. The placement gave me a chance to see if research was for me, and following this I am now applying for postgraduate study.

Joanna Moody, 3rd year, BA Geography

Information for employers

We are open to collaborations with academic and external to the University partners for the PlaceME@SMI programme. If your are a University research project, community organisation or a business and you have an idea for a collaborative research project (between at least one person in your organisation and our student) and it would involve generation and analysis of quantitative data - you are welcome to join the programme. Please email Dr. Aneta Piekut to express your interest.

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