HAR692: Pharmaceutical Pricing

The Pharmaceutical Pricing (online) module is led by Ben van Hout. It runs in the Spring semester and is worth 15 credits.


The Pharmaceutical Pricing (online) module is led by Ben van Hout. It runs in the Spring semester and is worth 15 credits.

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This module is available as a CPD option

This module is available University-wide in any year as a DDP module


This module introduces students to the categories of approach taken to pricing pharmaceuticals in different countries, eg free pricing, reference pricing and value-based pricing.

Access will be provided to briefings on the particular situations in certain countries including EU5 and USA. How companies respond to these pricing approaches will be reviewed, reflecting both what is peculiar to pharmaceutical companies and what is common with other industries.


This module aims to give students an understanding of the approaches to pricing adopted by pharmaceutical companies and the legal and customary frameworks found in different countries, and to provide students with the skills to assess the price at which a pharmaceutical could and should be sold in particular markets.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module the candidate will be able to:

  • Differentiate approaches taken to pricing in different countries
  • Apply this analysis in certain key markets, for example the USA and EU5
  • Assess critically the pricing techniques adopted by companies and their appropriateness in particular market circumstances

Teaching methods

  • Bespoke online materials, including online interviews with pricing managers and officials of HTA agencies, will provide content on approaches to pricing, practice in particular countries and the approaches adapted by different companies
  • Interactive online forum will enable students to test their understanding of the methods and approaches to pricing, and to discus with peers and faculty which approaches would be appropriate in particular circumstances
  • Independent study will be based on guided reading to deepen the understanding obtained from the DL materials

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