Dr David Buttle


Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine and Population Health

Emeritus Fellow

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Dr David Buttle
Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine and Population Health
The Medical School
Beech Hill Road
S10 2RX

I began my career as a technician before obtaining, in 1978, a Research Fellowship at Shriners Burns Institute & Department of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, U.S.A. From 1982 I held research posts in the Department of Biochemistry, Strangeways Research Laboratory, Cambridge, after which I became a post-doctoral Research Fellow with the Arthritis & Rheumatism Council. In 1993 I was appointed to a Senior Lecturer post at The University of Sheffield Medical School then as Reader in Matrix Biology in 2000. I retired from the University in September 2017.

Research interests

My major interest is in proteolytic enzymes and extracellular matrix turnover, with principal funding from Arthritis Research UK, The Wellcome Trust, MRC and the Dunhill Medical Trust.

Current projects

  • Glycosaminoglycans as modifiers of protein localisation and function.
  • Developing new aids for cartilage regeneration.
  • Proteoglycans – functions and turnover.
  • Developing plant cysteine proteinases as anthelmintics.
  • Proteinases in kidney fibrosis.
Professional activities and memberships

I am a member of the following Learned Societies:

  • The Biochemical Society.
  • British Society for Matrix Biology (formerly British Connective Tissue Society).
Key Publications

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