Professor Ian Sabroe


Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine and Population Health

Consultant in Respiratory Medicine

Honorary Professor of Medical Humanities

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Professor Ian Sabroe
Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine and Population Health
The Medical School
Beech Hill Road
S10 2RX

I am a chest physician. My clinical work centres around two specialist conditions: severe asthma and pulmonary arterial hypertension. I co-lead a network supporting severe asthma care across Yorkshire, and I'm one of the Sheffield consultants working on a national pulmonary vascular disease centre. I trained at King's College London, undertook post-graduate training rotations at various London hospitals (including the Royal Brompton Hospital and the Hammersmith Hospital) and also in Leeds. I undertook a PhD at the National Heart and Lung Institute, a post-doctoral research fellowship at Imperial College London, and then came to Sheffield on an MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship and then an MRC Senior Clinical Fellowship.

Research interests

Between 1994 and 2019, my research interests were dominantly in mechanisms of innate immunity as applied to lung disease. From about 2016 onwards I developed an interest in the medical humanities, where most of my current research interests lie. I am interested in the experience of doctors who have had personal illness, the experience of delivering clinical care, how doctors handle and experience errors, the ethics of healthcare, and issues of justice in healthcare.

Current areas of work include how RSV causes lung disease, the immune system in diabetes, clinical trials in asthma (including new studies of lung imaging), support for COVID research, studies of how doctors experience their practice, and work around how doctors are affected by medical errors they may be associated with. I have recently undertaken a period of research examining how medical humanities are used and taught in the USA, with a view to bringing this knowledge to the UK.


Journal articles


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Conference proceedings papers

Teaching interests

I teach clinical respiratory medicine, undergraduate medical sciences, the medical humanities, and post-graduate medical education.

Professional activities and memberships

I have worked for a number of national grant reviewing bodies. I am a Churchill Fellow, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a Fellow of other respiratory specialist bodies