Professor Nigel Wheeldon


Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine and Population Health

Honorary Professor of Inherited Cardiac Conditions
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Professor Nigel Wheeldon
Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine and Population Health
Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Northern General Hospital, Herries Road
S5 7AU

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I am Lead Consultant Cardiologist for the Regional Inherited Cardiac Conditions Service in Sheffield and Honorary Professor of Inherited cardiac conditions at the University of Sheffield. I started the Regional Inherited Cardiac Conditions Service 20 years ago and it is one of the largest and most comprehensive ICC services in the UK.

This sees patients with cardiomyopathies, inherited arrhythmia, families afflicted by SADS, inherited aortovascular disease, neuromuscular disorders and familial hypercholesterolaemia. Sheffield is one of only two designated Ehlers Danlos Diagnostic centres and I run a dedicated vascular EDS clinic. I also have a joint Sheffield/Birmingham Fabry disease service.

I am the founder of the UK Association for Inherited Cardiac Conditions (AICC). I have a longstanding association with the Far East and have visited hospitals and institutions across Asia for many years, giving lectures and being involved in patient care.

I received an Honorary Professorship from the Peoples Hospital, Peking University, Beijing and Visiting Professorship from Dalian Medical University. I am an International Fellow of the Hong Kong College of Cardiology. In addition, I am a qualified Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor and Examiner. In 2007, I piloted aeroplanes worldwide on a 3 month venture called Flight for Hearts to lecture and raise awareness of inherited cardiac conditions.

Research interests

My research interests are Inherited Cardiac Conditions (ICCs). Sudden unexplained cardiac death is now known in many cases to have a genetic basis, with major implications for family members. Individual disorders are unusual, with many physicians having limited experience of these conditions.

However, collectively they are common and huge advances in genetic testing technology have allowed otherwise unidentified clinical syndromes to become recognised. A substantial number of subclinical cases are present in the general population, some of whom are at risk.

Whilst seemingly heterogeneous, patients with cardiomyopathy, inherited arrhythmia, and inherited aortovascular disease are a remarkably similar population. The conditions are largely monogenic, they typically affect younger people, have major family implications and may carry significant cardiac risk. Genetic testing is now available for many ICCs and potentially life-saving treatments available.


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Teaching interests

I teach on MBChB at the University of Sheffield and co-lead and teach on a final year UG module ‘Cardiovascular Pharmacology’ (CDL301) for Biomedical Science Students.

Professional activities and memberships
  • Department of Health NSF Chapter 8 group
  • Representative for inherited cardiac conditions on the NHS England Clinical Reference Group