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Thomas Bayley
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Thomas Bayley
Population Health, School of Medicine and Population Health
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In 2015 I graduated from the University of Warwick with a MMath degree. During my degree I specialised in mathematical modelling and statistics, and took a particular interest in modelling of biological systems and processes, and for my Masters project I explored a stochastic model of Malaria spread.

Alongside my degree I also spent time at the Anthony Nolan institute investigating geographic trends in the genetic data stored in their database of donors.


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  • Paul Bissell
Research interests

I am now in studying for a PhD in Public Health Economics and Decision Science as part of the Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) program.

During the first year of my PhD I was exposed to a wide range of topics within Public Health and Health Economics via both taught modules and research attachments. In particular, I took the following taught modules: Introductory Health Economics, Contemporary Health Psychology, The sociology of Health and Illness, Global Public Health and Epidemiology.

In my research attachments I explored: agent-based modelling of obesity dynamics within an obesogenic system; simulation of modelling of aversion to multi-dimensional health inequality; and the effect of parenthood on drinking habits. My experiences on these modules and research attachments has shaped the development of my PhD in which I am examining the complex relationship between obesity, depression and socio-economic position.

Supplementary to my research project the DTC has also cultivated my interest in the use of research for public policy, as well as a greater interest in the development and implementation of Public policy more generally.

Title of PhD: The relationship between obesity and depression and the influence of socioeconomic position

My research interests lie in exploring the interaction between physical and mental health as well as how these are both affected by the wider determinants of health. In particular, in my PhD I am interested in research the complicated and complex relationship relationships that exist between obesity, depression and socio-economic position.

To do this, I am using both Structural Equation Modelling and Agent-based modelling techniques. Specifically, I am building a Structural Equation Model to explore the mediating mechanisms that might exist between obesity and depression, and whether socio-economic position interacts with these mechanisms.

Within my agent-based model I am exploring whether stigmatisation might generate socio-economic inequalities in obesity and depression.

Conference presentations

British Psychological Society Annual Conference 2019 – How does stigma generate socio-economic inequality in obesity and depression: an agent-based modelling study.