Help and Support

Student Services Information Desk (SSID)

The Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) is the 'one-stop shop' information service for general student related issues. They aim to coordinate central communications to students and answer the majority of student related enquiries from a single location.

Walk in Student Centre: Based in the Students' Union building past, present and future students are able to get most answers and documents on a single visit.

Contact Centre: The SSiD Contact Centre supports our interaction with students and their supporter over a variety of media, including telephony, e-mail, social media, internet chat and other online systems

Comprehensive Web Presence: They have developed over 2,000 web pages containing useful and interesting information about many aspects of University life.

More information is available from their web pages

When things aren't going well

The Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) offer a Student Online Support (SOS) service who can offer advice or signpost you to the most appropriate information and services when things don't go as planned.  

We also strongly advise you to discuss issues with your personal tutor or module lead, as they will be able to discuss support within the School and possibly a support plan.

SOS can offer students help in the following areas and more...

  • academic pressures (exam anxiety, course worries, appeals)
  • money worries (funding, hardship, benefits, debt, disability, council tax, some employment issues)
  • housing (worried about your housemate, eviction, seeking accommodation)
  • personal wellbeing (relationships, homesickness, wellbeing)
  • international students (immigration, asylum, leave to remain, public funds)
  • learning disabilities – please see section on disability support

You can find more information about this service at:

The number of the Student Services Information Desk is 0114 222 1299, SSID email service

Student counselling services are available and details of this can be found at:

Personal Development Plan

On completion of a programme of study (i.e. diploma, BMedSci or MMedSci) you will be offered the opportunity of completing a Personal Development Plan (PDP) with your personal tutor. This provides you with the chance to discuss career choices and the most fitting academic profile.

When your programme of study is ratified by the Board of Examiners a letter will be automatically generated and sent to you explaining the action you need to take if you want to complete a PDP.

Please note that if you want to undertake a PDP prior to this time then please discuss this with your Personal Lecturer.

Disability Support

If you have a disability, medical condition, or specific learning difficulty that may impact your studies, we strongly encourage you to contact the Disability and Dyslexia Support Service (DDSS).

The DDSS is a confidential and friendly service which offers a range of support, including:

  • Liaising with academic staff and central services about disabled students’ support needs
  • Helping students to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowances
  • Organising support workers, e.g. note takers, readers, library support, scribes, interpreters
  • Advising on specialist equipment and technology
  • Referring dyslexic students for study skills support, at the English Language Teaching Centre
  • Referring students who think that they might be dyslexic for diagnostic assessments with an Educational Psychologist
  • Putting students in contact with local and national external agencies who offer support and advice to disabled people on specific issues
  • Formalising alternative arrangements for examinations and assessments, e.g. extra time in examinations; reasonable adjustments to assessment tasks; or alternative assessment formats.

For further information, please contact the contact the Disability and Dyslexia Support Service (DDSS):

If you require alternative exam arrangements, please make sure that you contact the DDSS at the earliest opportunity.
Or contact David Reid, the School of Nursing and Midwifery's Disability Liaison Officer (

Tutorial Support

All students will be provided with the name of a tutor for the unit they are undertaking. The named tutor will be responsible for providing your tutorial support for that unit. If they are not available for periods of 5 days or more e.g. due to annual leave, then they will provide you with the name of a designated tutor to cover your support in their absence.

"Please note that correspondence by email between yourself and any member of staff at the university will be via your university email account and not your home/work email address so please check this regularly".

Student representation

The University places great value on the opinions of its students and there are numerous opportunities for you to get involved at both departmental and faculty level, here you can have your say and also to represent the views of other students. These opportunities are supplemented by a range of surveys and evaluations which you will be invited to participate in:

Student Finance

The Financial Support Team administers the University's bursary scheme, undergraduate scholarship schemes and financial support to students experiencing exceptional financial difficulties.
Financial Support team:

Student Access to Mental Health Support (SAMHS)

SAMHS is the first point of contact for students to explore a broad range of psychological support needs in a single triage appointment.