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Our Committment

Our Commitment is a partnership document struck between teachers and students as members of the University which sets out what we all commit to do to ensure the best learning experience.

Complaints and appeals

Details of the complaints procedure are available at:

Change of address

If you change your address or your next of kin, you are expected as a University student to change these details yourself via MUSE by going to ‘My Record’. Go to However, if you do not wish to do this, you can obtain an amendment form from your programme coordinator who will send the form off for you.

Please remember that it is not the teachers' responsibility to deal with any changes in your personal details.

As your programme may last several months or years, it is imperative that you update your personal details or important correspondence may not reach you.

Change of name

If you change your name during the course, you will need to provide a copy of relevant documentation, e.g. a marriage certificate, to change your record.

The Sheffield Graduate Attributes (undergraduates only)

By the time they graduate our students will have gained an impressive range of knowledge and skills, obtained through their studies and by the additional activities they undertake whilst at the University. We want these achievements to be clear to all, so we have identified 'The Sheffield Graduate' attributes. We aim to enable all of our graduates to demonstrate that they are:

  • knowledgeable in their subject
  • a skilled and ethical researcher
  • a critical, analytical and creative thinker
  • an entrepreneurial problem solver
  • information literate
  • skilled in the use of IT
  • an efficient planner and time manager
  • a flexible team worker
  • an accomplished communicator
  • an independent learner
  • an active citizen who respects diversity
  • culturally agile and able to work in multinational settings
  • professional and adaptable
  • well rounded, reflective, self aware and self motivated
  • competent in applying their skills and knowledge

This definition provides current students with clear goals for their time at the University and provides staff with a framework for identifying how they can best work with and support students in achieving these. To find out more about attributes, please see:

The Sheffield Graduate Attributes and the Faculty of Medicine dentistry and Health Graduate Attributes mapped against opportunities in the programmes we offer.

National Student Survey (NSS)

The National Student Survey is open to all final year undergraduate students and gives you the opportunity to voice your experience of your course. Your feedback will be used to help shape the future for fellow students.

Maps and Directions to places in the University

Information to help you find your way around the University campus whether you are looking for specific buildings, services, rooms and you can also access the interactive map.

HEAR (Undergraduate students only)

The Higher Education Achievement Report
The University is committed to recognising the wide range of curricular and extra-curricular learning experiences that students gain during their time at Sheffield. It has therefore introduced a new kind of degree transcript that has been offered to all new undergraduate students since September 2012: the Higher Education Achievement Report or ‘HEAR’.

You will be issued with your HEAR alongside your degree certificate. As well as including your degree classification, an overview of your qualification and a list of your modules and grades, the HEAR will include more detailed information about your chosen course. It will also give details of non-academic achievements that the University or the Students’ Union can verify, to provide you with a broad picture of your university achievements. These might include additional modules you have taken (e.g. a language course), awards such as the Sheffield Graduate Award or Skills for Work Certificate, and other extra-curricular activities such as volunteering or mentoring.

You will have the opportunity to view your HEAR as it grows during your time at Sheffield. You can use it as support for the Sheffield Graduate Development Programme, by providing a basis for reviewing your progress and thinking about your personal development. You are also encouraged to refer to your HEAR in discussions with your personal tutor and the Careers Service, to help you identify and articulate the skills you are gaining, and reflect on how you can build on these to achieve your future goals.

The University will issue you with an ‘interim’ HEAR at various points during your degree, and you can share this with employers and others to provide evidence of your university achievements as you begin to apply for internships, jobs or further study. You are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to gain recognition for activities you undertake outside the curriculum. This will help you demonstrate how you have made the most of your time at university, and gained valuable skills and experience that will enhance your employability and help you achieve your potential. There will of course be some things that the University cannot verify. However, employers are aware of this and will be equally interested in how you present yourself in CVs, personal statements, portfolios and interviews. If you refer to your additional activities and achievements in these other documents and during interviews, you will not be disadvantaged – and if you have used your HEAR to help you think about where you want to go and how all of your skills and experiences prepare you for this, you will be set to impress!

For more information about the HEAR, visit: