Your Student Rep

Charlotte Greene

​Hi! My name is Charlotte Greene and I’m a mature student here in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Sheffield. I’m currently in my final year on the BMedSci Health and Human Sciences programme and have been a representative for the department since 2014. As part of this, I attend the Board of Studies and chair the Student Staff Committee meetings held once per semester. The Student Staff Committee seeks to provide a formal channel of communication between academic and administrative staff and students, allowing for discussion of any issues or commendations within the department as well consideration of course structures, assessment and evaluation.

As a student representative my role is to ensure that the student voice is heard in order to provide us with the best learning experience possible. I am keen to listen to the views of all individuals from different cohorts and courses, and welcome contact with any queries or concerns I may be able to bring forward. You can get in touch with me either face-to-face or through my email,

Students may also be interested in joining the NHSoc. This is a departmental society which seeks to bring students together in organising a wide range of events from charity fundraising, to social activities such as trips and meals out. The NHSoc provides opportunity to meet people from different years and courses within the department, and also creates an environment where any worries about university can be shared in a friendly and relaxed way. For more information on the NHSoc, please contact the current President for the 2016/17 academic year: Chloe Dervey,

Contact Charlotte on: