Pre-Registration Adult Nursing programmes Mentor Support Space

Welcome to the Pre-registration adult nursing mentor support space which is here for those mentors who are facilitating the clinical learning of our current student nurses. If you arrived at this site by accident and would like further information about applying for our programme then please visit our home page

Thank you for generously providing time to support our student nurses whilst they are in clinical placement areas. This site is to provide you with copies of relevant documents and details in addition to the mentor updates that we have arranged prior to the students joining you. As you are aware this programme is a shortened pre-registration course of 2 years for those students who already have a commensurate degree. The course offers 'Home Locality' status to the students, which means that there is an agreement between the Localities within South Yorkshire and the University that each student will only have placements within their assigned Locality, and that Trust is responsible for the students clinical learning for the duration of the 2 year programme.

This programme is also unique in that students' first placement is within community/primary care, and the students have a choice of final placement between community, primary care, general practice or a hospital setting. The full student plan is given below.

If you have any concerns or queries then please contact a member of the programme team.



University Tutors


Name Telephone Email Address
Parveen Ali 0114 222 2046
Mick Ashman 0114 222 2034
Ian Brown 0114 222 2074
Michael Macintosh 0114 222 2054
Fiona Wilson 0114 222 2085


Name Telephone Email Address
Carol Pollard 0114 222 2032
Sally Underwood 0114 222 2066


Name Telephone Email Address
Julie Hutchison 0114 222 2067
Sarah Chapman 0114 222 2036


Name Telephone Email Address
Debbie Limb 0114 222 2050
Mark Limb 0114 222 2051
Catherine Waskett 0114 222 2084


Name Telephone Email Address
Andrea Fox 0114 222 2079