Our Erasmus student exchange with Maastricht University

This week we are pleased to welcome our fourth cohort of students from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. The students are here to study with our BMed Sci Health and Human Sciences students as part of our Erasmus exchange agreement with Maastricht University. Alina, Lina, Maartje, Max, Natalia and Saskia will be studying with us until June.

We wish them every success with their studies at the University of Sheffield hope they enjoy their time here in Sheffield.

Maastricht Students 2016

Maastricht 2016 students carnivalMeanwhile...Three of our third year BMed Sci Health & Human Sciences Students, Beth, Becky and Kate started their Erasmus health sciences placement this month at Maastricht University. They will complete their final year 3 semester in the Netherlands.

They took a break from their studies to enjoy Maastricht Carnival Week. Carnival has a long tradition in the southern Netherlands and Maastricht hosts one of the most colourful. Our three students joined in the celebrations (which last for a week) and shared their photos with us.

This week they will be returning to their academic work!