The School's research strategic alliance with the Royal College of Nursing

RCN logoThe School of Nursing & Midwifery and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is delighted to announce the formation of a five year research strategic alliance. Over this time the School will conduct a new programme of research activity, supporting the development of nursing research evidence and nurse research capacity. Ultimately the work will seek to influence public policy and promote better outcomes for the population and the NHS workforce.

The core objectives of the research strategic alliance are as follows:

  • To produce excellent international quality research and evidence reviews that will inform national and international nursing and health practice and policy, thus benefitting patients, families, health professionals and health outcomes;
  • To disseminate and share research findings to inform developments in education, practice and policy designed to improve nursing and health care;
  • To enhance public and user awareness of nursing issues;
  • To work alongside users, carers and stakeholders to ensure that the activities are significant, meaningful and timely;
  • To utilise research to inform nursing educational programmes.

Further information will be available shortly once the work programme has commenced.

For more information contact Tony Ryan or Angela Tod.