MMedSci Advanced Nursing Studies (NURT80)

This programme will not be running in 2019 or 2020

Who is it for?

The MMedSci in Advanced Nursing Studies is primarily aimed at nurses but open to those working as healthcare professionals who have reached the stage of their career where their experience renders them suitable candidates for study at a higher academic level.

Does this sound like you?

Such study is now deemed necessary for career progression in most countries. The components chosen for inclusion in this programme are those which are most desired by individuals in your position, or by health service employers. Thus we include content to supplement your prior experience, helping you become a reflective autonomous practitioner, with transferable knowledge and skills that will enable you to work alone or as part of a multi-disciplinary team in your particular organisation and country of employment. It is therefore appropriate for any suitably qualified applicant who wishes to undertake postgraduate studies in nursing, on a part-time basis wherever they might be located.

What is it about?

The course aims to be international and encourages applications from nurses and healthcare professionals practising in a broad range of specialities, cultures and health systems.  

The course aims to:

  • Provide a flexible programme of targeted education tailored to suit the needs of nurses or healthcare professionals who are, or intend to become, engaged in advanced nursing practice.
  • Build on student's existing experience, knowledge and domain speciality.
  • Develop each student's critical faculties, analytical abilities and intellectual curiosity.
  • Enable students to engage critically with and contribute to research and advanced scholarship in their particular field.

Online learning

This Masters programme is conducted entirely online, with no travel or attendance requirements, making it easy to fit it around work and other commitments, so you don't need to give up your job, find reputable childcare or any of the other issues traditionally associated with postgraduate study.

Effective communication is central to the success of the course as not only is discussion a key component in the learning process but we also need to counteract the potential for distance learners to feel they are working in isolation. Extensive use will therefore be made of a range of interactive online tools to facilitate discussions where you will be able to debate and share ideas within a virtual yet vibrant learning community. Our previous student cohorts have developed firm and supportive friendships whilst studying together, even without meeting face to face.

Flexibility and variety is key to a successful online learning environment.  Each unit is divided into sessions where you can explore topics relevant to your own professional interests within a nursing context. This approach fosters student-centred learning, with students supplementing learning materials with the products of their own investigations. The learning materials are provided in a variety of forms such as videos, screencasts and text-based online materials to make your learning experience varied.  

Fees and funding

Fees for home students £2833 (2018/19) per annum. Fees for overseas students £3852 (2018/19) per annum.  The fees are payable annually over a period of 3 years. Fees for subsequent years are yet to be confirmed and are reviewed on an annual basis.

Ask us a question

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