Summative Assessment

In each 15 credit unit there will be a requirement for a substantial piece of written work (3000 words) which will be summatively assessed by the unit leader. The form of this work (essay, action plan, report, research proposal etc) and methods of assessment will be chosen so as to be appropriate to the subject matter.

It is necessary to pass the summative assessment for each unit (pass mark 50%). Where a pass mark is not achieved, detailed feedback on problems identified will be provided and an opportunity to revise and resubmit the work will be given.

Final year

The systematic literature review conducted during the final year will be written up as a dissertation of between 15,000 and 20,000 words. The nature and focus of this project can be anything within the subject area, but ideally should be not only a relevant and worthwhile topic but also be of genuine interest to you and pertinent to your particular circumstances or aspirations. Inevitably the project will involve elements of planning, gathering or generating information, analysis and presentation but no more specific information can be given here as each project will be uniquely formulated by each student together with experienced University of Sheffield staff. As this dissertation comprises one third of all marks towards the masters degree it will be marked independently by two experienced members of academic staff.

Formative Assessment

Throughout the course, each unit will include a number of online activities designed to engage you with the learning materials and encourage interaction with your peers.  Students will be expected to complete and engage with these activities to ensure that progress is satisfactory.