MMedSci Nursing (top-up): NURT95

Who is it for?

Students who successfully complete NURT77: Pre-registration Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing (Adult) within the School of Nursing and Midwifery will have the opportunity to continue their studies with this separate ‘top- up’ programme, which comprises 60 credits at Level 7 and the award of MMedSci in Nursing. To access the programme students are advised to have a minimum of 6 months post registration experience and must be practicing throughout the duration of the programme to enable the integration of theory to practice.

What is it about?

Senior health and social care professionals need to be able to translate and apply learning from academic programmes in order to make a meaningful contribution to practice. This programme will enable students to complete a substantial piece of work that has potential to stimulate development or innovation in their practice. It draws together learning from the programme and engages the academic skills of critical appraisal with development of a proposal for application to practice. Students identify a relevant issue and subject this to systematic analysis to produce an evidence based report which addresses improvement objectives through deliverable recommendations. 

How does it enhance practice?

The module is tailored to meet the needs of clinicians working in practice and allows the in-depth study of research methods and consideration of an area of personal/professional clinical interest.

Links to Professional/Academic Award:

MMedSci Nursing
NB The award of the MMedSci shall subsume the Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing (Adult).


60 Credits at level 7

Contact Us

Programme Lead: Barbara Howard

Tel: 0114 222 2063


Admissions Office:

Tel: 0114 222 2030