Course Structure

Start date

24 September 2018

Day one is a compulsory study day at which you will be allocated a supervisor and introduced to the programme requirements.

After that you will be expected to arrange regular supervision meetings with your Supervisor whose role is to:
• provide guidance in meeting the programme objectives
• discuss your progress in preparing for the assessment of the Researching and Research Skills Unit
• supervise you in the preparation of your dissertation

On completion of the course students will have:

  • critically explored an issue or problem pertinent to their area of practice
  • conducted a systematic and critical review of the literature
  • provided a defensible rationale for the methodological approaches chosen
  • demonstrated critical analysis of the practice context
  • Made recommendations for practice and shown how this can be achieved

Mode of Assessment:

Assessment will be through submission of a 12,000-15,000 word assignment that will focus on an area of health and/or social care that is of interest to the student. The assignment will require the student to demonstrate a critical appreciation of the underpinning research and critical analysis of the evidence they present and to present a reasoned argument in the chosen area of interest.

You are normally expected to complete your studies on the MMedSci Nursing NURT95 within 15 months of registering on the programme.

You should note that the University of Sheffield will charge fees on an annual basis, and so you will be asked to pay fees for each year, or part thereof, in which you study.