Past Student Profiles

Kate Smith

Kate Smith

1. Where are you from?: I am originally from Essex, but have lived in Sheffield for 9 years following my undergraduate course.

2. Why did you choose the university of Sheffield?:I enjoyed studying here for my first degree and the course offered by Sheffield University was what I was looking for.

3. What do you think of Sheffield?: I love Sheffield, it is a very friendly city. I love the way I can walk into the city centre in one direction, or walk to the peaks in another.

4. What advice would you give to prospective Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Studies students?: Read through all the student handbook beforehand.

5. What was the most enjoyable and rewarding part of the course?:
I have enjoyed getting to know others on the course and we work closely together which has been fun. The lecturers are really approachable and make themselves available for you. I have also enjoyed the commute to placement and meeting people that I would never have normally had the opportunity to meet.

6. What is your background and interest in Nursing? :I worked in care homes for a number of years to support my other interests, I was debating whether to go into nursing but was not sure. After volunteering abroad and working out my strengths and interests, I
decided it would be a good profession to enter.

7. What are your aspirations for your future career?: I am not sure which area to enter yet but I really enjoyed my time with the advanced nurse practitioner and see this as a potential goal.