Course Philosophy

The course has been developed within a framework that supports and values the following attributes to which nurses in all fields of practice should aspire:

Holistic Knowledge and Practice
Synthesis of knowledge and the available evidence from a wide range of nursing and related theory and clinical practice experiences, with the aim of providing optimum quality of care for patients/clients and their significant others. This includes the ability to work effectively as a member of the inter-disciplinary team.

Assessment of the needs of patients/clients and their significant others in a way that facilitates their participation in the care process and ensures that plans of care reflect their priorities and best interests.

Knowing the Patient
Respect for patients/clients and their significant others, valuing their life histories, their perspectives as experts in their own health career, and involvement as partners in the care process.

Moral Agency
Nursing care should be provided within a framework of sound ethical and legal principles, anti-discriminatory practice and the empowerment of patients/clients and their significant others.

Skilled Know How
Holistic, proficient and adept nursing care that encompasses excellence in clinical and inter-personal skills.

(adapted from Nolan and Tolson, 2000, after Ford and McCormack, 1999)

Students on the course are encouraged and supported in working towards professional practice that upholds these aspirations.