Postgraduate Research Students

Below is a list of current Postgraduate Research Students within the School of Nursing and Midwifery.


Supervisor(s) Title/scope of research


Bird, Joanne

Professor M Nolan, Professor A Tod,
Dr S Danson
Understanding the experiences and support needs of patients with melanoma and their carers. A longitudinal grounded theory study

Bulut, Hatice Dr S Hinchliff,
Dr P Ali, Dr H Piercy
A Qualitative Study of the Perception of Sexuality of Turkish Women on Postmenopausal Period, an Analysis of their Sexual Problems and the Evaluation of the Relationship between These Two Factors
Catalbas, Meltem Professor P Curtis, Dr J Thompson,
Dr H Fairbrother
Child migrant health in Turkey
Chambers, Eleni Dr C Gardiner,
Dr J Thompson,
Professor J Seymour 
Development and evaluation of guidance for service user involvement in palliative care and health research

Earley, Victoria

Professor P Curtis,
Dr H Fairbrother
Understanding fathers and fatherhood in everyday family life

Ejegi-Memeh, Stephanie

Dr S Hinchliff,
Dr M Johnson
Baby Boomer women with Type 2 diabetes: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of their sexual communication experiences in primary care

Fisher, Joanne

Professor P Curtis,
Dr S Hinchliff
How is sexuality experienced and expressed before and after birth by young, first -time mothers

Kirkcaldy, Andrew Dr H Fairbrother,
Professor P Curtis,
Dr K Weiner
Young people and E-cigarettes.

Kirton, Jennifer

Professor M Nolan,
Dr J Thompson
A study exploring the lived experiences of adults diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and their 'carers' through their own narrative video accounts

Lo, Shirley

Dr J Thompson,
Ms B Penhale
An Exploratory Study of Hong Kong Older People's Perceptions and Reflections on Elder Abuse and its Current Intervention

Merodoulaki, Gesthimani

Dr A Ryan,
Dr S Ariss
An exploration of stroke care nurses' meanings and experiences of clinical supervision

Rickards, Catherine

Dr A Ryan,
Dr M Marshall
Self-management after stroke

Sedgewick, John

Professor M Nolan,
Dr A Ryan,
Professor B Gibson
Older People's Views of Choice and Decision Making in Chronic Kidney Disease: A Grounded Theory Study of Access to the Social World of Renal Care

Smith, Sam

Dr A Ryan,
Dr M Winslow,
Dr J McKeown
Understanding the impact of oral history with people in palliative care or with life-limiting illness and the impact of sharing personal end of life stories

Talpur, Ashfaque

Dr A Ryan,
Dr S Hinchliff
Growing Old in a Foreign Country: A Grounded Theory study on the Interpretations of (mis)-Treatment of Older People in South Asian Communities

Taylor, Bethany

Dr A Ryan,
Dr J Thompson
Exploring the transition experiences of people with learning disabilities and family members surrounding the end of their co-residence: a co-constructive grounded theory approach

Thongkaew, Punyawadee

Dr S Hinchliff,
Dr P Ali
Proposed mixed methods study exploring intimate partner violence and pregnant young women in Thailand

Wilson, Fiona

Professor C Ingleton,
Dr C Gardiner
Choice and decision making in palliative care: how do people make decisions around admission to hospice care