Adham Alloub BMedSci in Health and Human Sciences

When did you graduate?Adham Alloub

July 2015

Why did you choose the University of Sheffield?

A major selling point for me was the University’s excellent reputation both in terms of teaching and research and in particular the fact that the School of Nursing and Midwifery had a very good name. Additionally as I wanted to remain at home whilst studying for my degree, I was very fortunate that there was such a good university located at a commutable distance from my home. The wide variety of social activities on offer at the university also lead me to choose the University of Sheffield as my preferred place of study.

What do you think of Sheffield?

I think that Sheffield is a really friendly and welcoming city with so much to offer both in and around the city centre. Sheffield is also situated very close to the peak district meaning you are never far away from the countryside. I also feel that the multicultural nature of the city makes it a really lively and entertaining place and gives it a really diverse feel.

What advice would you give to prospective Health and Human Sciences students?

I would advise you to enter the course with an open mind, particularly if you are unsure about a specific career path. The course has such a wide range of modules on offer covering a vast array of healthcare topic areas that you are bound to find something that interests you and that you enjoy. You will inevitably prefer certain modules to others which will help you when it comes to picking modules in future semesters. Another piece of advice I would offer would be to make good use of the first year in terms of understanding how the university works and developing the academic skills necessary to succeed in the later years of the course for which the work you do will contribute towards your final classification.

What was the most enjoyable and rewarding part of the course?

The most enjoyable part of the course for me was the placement which I did in third year at a Sheffield dental practice because I was able to gain a really good understanding of many different aspects of dentistry. During this period I was also able to gather some really good career advice from various dental professionals within the field which helped when it came to interviews later on. I also found the placement project to be really interesting and provided me with a great opportunity to explore a specific area of dentistry and actually contribute to the way certain services were provided at the practice.
In terms of the most rewarding aspect of the course it would have to be the dissertation which I completed in third year. I felt that I was bringing together a lot of the knowledge and skills I had developed previously in the course and focussing them all on this one piece of work. Moreover I felt that despite it being stressful and intense at times, it was very rewarding in the sense that it was my first proper complete academic piece of work.

What are you doing now?

After deciding part way through my health and human sciences degree that I would like to pursue a career in dentistry, I was able to obtain a conditional offer from the University of Sheffield to study dentistry as a second degree. I have recently completed my first year of study as a part of a 5 year undergraduate programme.

Do you think your degree helped/is helping further your career?

Very much so. I feel that the BMedSci course enabled me to gain an appreciation for and understanding of many fundamental aspects of healthcare which are highly relevant in dentistry also. Examples of these topic areas include medical ethics, health policy and healthcare management. Additionally I have realised a lot of crossover between the material covered in the biological modules I undertook in my first degree and some of the content we have covered in the early weeks of the dentistry course. I also feel that my dentistry placement which I did in third year opened my eyes to a huge range of dental issues that have formed the basis for my future studies.

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