Khadija Abubakar - BMedSci Health and Human Sciences

When did you graduate?

July 2015

Why did you choose the university of Sheffield? Khadija Abubakar's image

I chose to my foundation year in Sheffield international college and whilst there, I was able to see for myself through open days and events held by the university and students’ union how paramount the student role is in the university. Sheffield University is also one of the best universities in the UK with excellent student satisfaction and support from the staff. Sheffield is a great city with diverse and friendly people, which also played a role in choosing the university.

So, it was a no brainer that I chose the university upon completion of my foundation study.

What do you think of Sheffield?

I think Sheffield is an amazing and multi-cultural city with really friendly people. I’ve immensely enjoyed my time in Sheffield. I also love the subtle elements of history still preserved in the city.

What advice would you give to prospective health and human sciences students?

Don’t be scared if you are not sure what your future academic or career plans may be. You’ll figure it along the way. I know I did. The course provides the opportunity to delve into different aspects of healthcare ranging from health management to more specific biological modules. You also get support from the amazing academic and non-academic staffs if and when you need it. Just enjoy your time at the university and get involved with extra-curricular activities.

What was the most enjoyable and rewarding part of the course?

The most enjoyable part of the course for me would be the diversity of the course content. It does have its drawbacks but the course helped me to really focus and decide on what I want to do in the future.

What are you doing now?

I am currently in the process of starting a Masters degree in Translational Oncology in the University of Sheffield’s Medical School, and I can’t wait to begin a new journey.

Do you think your degree helped (is helping you) further your career?

Definitely. Like I’ve mentioned previously, the diverse nature of the course helped me in deciding and focusing on what I wanted to do. I believe with this degree, I can go into different aspects of healthcare, and I’m sure I will be able to use some or most of what I have learnt and incorporate it into my new course.

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