Melanie Walsh - BMedSci Health and Human Sciences

When did you graduate?Melanie Walsh

July 2014

Why did you choose The University of Sheffield?

I chose The University of Sheffield because of the great reputation it upholds, the excellent resources available to their students, such as the Information Commons which is a 24 hour library and the support I received from staff as soon as I started making enquiries in to becoming a student.

What do you think of Sheffield?

I love Sheffield, it is a fantastic, diverse, culturally rich city, which while large; manages to never be intimidating. Although a city, Sheffield has many green spaces and excellent links to the peak district for those who love the outdoors. Sheffield is culturally diverse with museums, galleries, concert venues, theatres, places to shop and many other amenities for a brilliant way of spending your spare time.

What advice would you give to prospective Health and Human Sciences students?

The advice I would give to a prospective Health and Human Sciences student, is to make the best of your time on the course, as it passes very quickly and in order to gain the best out of the experience it is vital that you are involved in as much as possible! Also to utilise the support if needed so that you graduate with a qualification to be proud of as the goal of both the University and the course itself is to aid all individuals in reaching their potential.

What was the most enjoyable and rewarding part of the course?

I enjoyed all aspects of the course, as the modules were both varied, interesting and essential but my favourite were the modules concerned with the anatomy and physiology of the body, as these were taught in an understandable and relatable way. I also enjoyed learning about the type of barriers that exist to health and what can be done to eradicate those barriers.

What are you doing now?

After completing the Health and Human Sciences degree, I went on to gain valuable experience as a care assistant to support my application to return to The University to undertake the post-graduate diploma in adult nursing, which I commenced in September of this year (2015).

Do you think your degree helped (is helping you) further your career?

The course helps me on a daily basis in my current role as a student nurse and I feel that everything that I learnt whilst on the course could be beneficial to any career within the field of health and healthcare. Personally since finishing the Health and Human Sciences degree my outlook has completely changed, I am much more confident, ambitious and hopeful about my future career prospects.

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