Wenyi Jiang -  BMedSci in Health and Human SciencesWenyi Jiang

When did you graduate?

July 2017.

Where are you from and why did you choose The University of Sheffield?
I come from Jiangsu in China, a beautiful province full of historic attractions.
I chose the University of Sheffield because it is one of the most famous universities in the world. It has good education and fantastic academic research environment. The Students’ Union is the best in the UK, so you can enjoy many activities. By the way, libraries are opened 24 hours for a whole year; it is very convenient for students' study.

What do you think of Sheffield?

Sheffield is peaceful and clean, these are the most important reasons I choose to study in this city. Living in Sheffield is convenient for other cities; you can travel to London directly by train. At the weekend, we enjoyed going shopping by taking tram to city centre or Meadowhall. Many Chinese restaurants and oriental markets are on the West Street. Compared to other cities in the UK, the living costs here are cheap.

What advice would you give to prospective Health and Human Sciences students?
I think the BMedSci Health and Human Sciences is a good choice for many students who want to do health-related jobs, particularly those who do not know the specific health and medical area where they want to work. The placement in year 3 is a good chance to explore specific interests as it can give a preview for many students how health care professionals work.

What was the most enjoyable and rewarding part of the course?
I learnt a lot in these 3 years. As I am an international student, English is my second language. In the beginning, it was quite hard for me to understand what was needed especially how to write an academic essay. Staff from the school of nursing and midwifery were kind and gave me good advice and they always explained to me with enough patience. They also provided me with help which aimed to improve my English. In my final year, I completed my dissertation and delivered presentations alone. Without their help I could not have achieved this.

What are you doing now / what will you be doing next?

I applied for and was accepted onto the MSc in Translational Oncology in the University of Sheffield and received an unconditional offer. In the future, I hope to do cancer-related research.

Do you think your degree helped (is helping you) further your career?

Of course yes. I feel grateful this course provided me a chance to view how people work in hospitals and in research. I feel very happy that I found out what I wanted to do in my career during year 2 and year 3. The academic knowledge I gained, especially writing and communication skills, are a treasure for me in my future study and career.