Trainee Nursing Associate Programme Supervisor Support Space

Welcome to the Trainee Nursing Associate supervisor support space which is here for those who are facilitating the clinical learning of our current trainees.  If you arrived at this site by accident and would like further information about applying for our programme then please visit our home page.

Thank you for generously providing time to support the trainees whilst they are in clinical placement areas. This site is to provide you with copies of relevant documents and details in addition to the supervisor updates that we provide prior to the trainees joining you. As you are aware this programme is a Foundation Degree course which is 2 years in duration.

This is a work based learning programme and the area in which the student is employed is the base placement those supervising in this area are referred to as primary supervisors. Students have to complete a number of alternative placements over the 2 years and the supervisor in these areas is referred to as the secondary supervisor. All supervisors must be SLIP prepared or working towards this.

Movement between the base placements and the alternative placements is covered by either an agreement between partners or an honorary contract.

This is a pilot project funded by HEE Yorkshire and the Humber and the two partnerships that these support pages refer to are:

  • Kirklees and Calderdale
  • Barnsley and Rotherham

The framework from which this programme is developed can be found at:

Programme Team

Programme Leader Programme Support
Elaine Shaw
0114 222 2084
Deborah Reid
0114 222 2037

University Personal Tutors

Name Telephone Email Address
Elaine Shaw 0114 222 2031
Mark Limb 0114 222 2051
Tracey Moore 0114 222 2056


The documents on this site are for information only as each student has a copy of their placement documentation.


Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

  • Practice Booklet
  • Handbook

Unit 4

  • Practice Booklet
  • Handbook

Further Information

Students experiencing personal problems may also contact:

Writing support may also be found at:
Disability and Dyslexia Support Services:
Student Skills Development:
English Language Teaching Centre:
Information Skills: