Disability and COVID-19: the global impacts

COVID-19 presents a threat to life and liberty across the globe. Despite claims that ‘we are all in it together’, it is already clear that the pandemic will impact disproportionately on the lives of people who are already marginalised through the workings of neoliberal-ableism and globalisation.

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In this series of blogs, the authors write about the impact of the pandemic on the lives of disabled people and their families around the world, revealing subtle, and not so subtle, ways in which the hard-fought rights of disabled people are being eroded during the pandemic, putting lives at risk.  

We are heartened by the resistance of disabled people and their allies to these threats documented in the blogs. We stand in solidarity with disability activism and activists to play our small part in making sure that human rights abuses are not hidden or tolerated. 

If you would like to contribute to this blog, contact us at ihuman@sheffield.ac.uk