I am passionate about empowering minoritised communities.

FOSS - Macole Lannaman
Macole Lannaman
Sheffield Methods Institute
PhD student
Macole is studying for a PhD as part of the Global Challenges CDT in the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Global Challenges CDT provides a stimulating interdisciplinary environment for students to research a key global challenge. Macole studies under the CDT in New Horizons in Borders and Bordering within the Global Challenges CDT, which explores bordering as a key global challenge for communities around the world and recognises that new bordering practices will have a range of social impacts for the foreseeable future which need to be understood.

What is the title of your PhD?

How the UK education system impacts the mental health and well-being of Black students.

Tell us about your PhD and the research you are carrying out as part of the Global Challenges CDT

I will be analysing how Black students are impacted by the UK education system and the Psychological impacts this has on them. Within the study I will look at racialised and social borders in education and how they are produced and maintained by a Eurocentric education system.

Why did you decide to apply to study as part of the Global Challenges CDT?

I am passionate about empowering minoritised communities. Through doing the research I hope to bring light to the inequalities that exist in education with the aim to make material impact. Through doing this, I will also represent a role model for young Black people in and out of education.

What do you enjoy the most about your research?

Researching different approaches and perspectives to knowledge. I also enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with marginalised communities in research to provide a platform for a counter narrative.

What do you plan to do after completing your PhD?

Work within the education system to dismantle the barriers that exist and also create education spaces for all people to learn different types of knowledge.