Celebrating 65 years of social studies

Name: Gregory White
Course(s) studied: MA Global Social Policy
MA Social Research
MPhil/PhD Sociology (currently studying)
Expected year of graduation: 2016

Picture of graduate Gregory WhiteMy continued progression through academia has only been made possible because of the wonderful staff in the department. My supervisors, the department administrators and secretaries, and, not least, the department porter, have all been instrumental in my success.

Originally, I joined the department to study for the MA in Global Social Policy. I was attracted by the content of the course, but also the methods of delivery. I was also attracted by the various department activities, including some of the postgraduate groups and conferences.

Sheffield is a wonderful city; it’s completely stolen my heart. I have always enjoyed the community atmosphere, and this is captured perfectly by the 'Peace in the Park' festival that runs every summer. Some of the fondest memories of Sheffield I hold are of these community-led events.

I’ve stayed in Sheffield to study for a PhD. I’ve had some incredible experiences including presenting at international conferences, and, most recently, being offered a research placement through the ESRC internship scheme. As part of the internship, I’m currently working with IRISS (Institute for Research and Innovation Services) in Glasgow on a project investigating the impact of welfare reform on social services. Once I’ve completed the three-month placement, I’ll be returning to Sheffield to complete my PhD. Hopefully I’ll stay in academia, but at the moment, I’m relishing the challenge of working for a third sector organisation.