Research community

Postgraduate workshops

Postgraduate workshops take place regularly in the department. These are informal forums that provide students with the opportunity to meet together to present work in progress, to discuss matters of common interest, or to seek help from others over a particular research problem or practical issue. Workshop topics also include academic skills, such as writing for publication. The workshop series is coordinated by the course leader. The workshop acts as a key focus for PGR students, fostering an active graduate research environment. Students are encouraged to develop ideas for workshops and seminars with the course leader.

For further details contact:

Dr Lorna Warren, Course Leader, PhD Programme


The panel session Meet the Editors and Publisher is now available to view on YouTube. This meeting took place during the Social Policy Association’s Annual Conference at Sheffield in 2013, where six experienced panellists provided a variety of information and advice, in support of positive publication outcomes.

Postgraduate reading group

The Postgraduate Reading Group runs on a monthly basis and gives PhD students in the department the chance to meet for a focused discussion about sociology, current affairs and the experience of doing a doctorate. It is an opportunity to discuss burning issues, classic texts or issues relevant to our own research in an informal atmosphere. The reading group is open to a wide range of sociological work, including contemporary research, social theory, social policy, methodological issues, public sociology, classical texts or even reflective readings on the experience of doing a PhD

Postgraduate conference

A Postgraduate Conference is held in the Department at least once a year, organised by and for postgraduate research students themselves through the medium of the postgraduate research conference committee. All students are expected to make at least two presentations at a Conference during their period of study.

The Postgraduate Conference Committee is comprised of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students, with work and responsibilities delegated across the team to include both the practical organisation of the conference, giving papers and chairing sessions. Although the Conference is the collective responsibility of the PGR community within the Department, help and assistance, when necessary, is available from the PGR tutor.

PGR Blog

With its eclectic mix of articles, book reviews and advice from both staff and students, focusing on the wide range of research being conducted at Elmfield, the PGR blog is dedicated to presenting sociology in an accessible and engaging way, whilst fostering an inclusive and supportive platform for sociological comment.

PGR blog

Departmental seminar series

Departmental seminars are held regularly and are central to the Department´s research culture. They provide opportunities for you to hear outside speakers as well as to get to know the work of staff in the Department. Postgraduate students are expected to attend these seminars.

Departmental seminar series - schedule

Teaching experience

The Department offers second and third year students experience of seminar teaching in the Department, generally at undergraduate Level One. Students should discuss this with their supervisor and the Director of Learning and Teaching, Dr Victoria Robinson.