Belonging in a post-Brexit-vote Britain: researching race, ethnicity and migration in a changing landscape

9 May 2017

Elmfield Building
The University of Sheffield
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A one-day conference hosted by the Department of Sociological Studies (in collaboration with the British Sociological Association and Migration Research at Sheffield Group) will be held at The University of Sheffield.

This event seeks to bring together early career and established academics, to share knowledge and experiences in the unique research environment resulting from the UK electorate’s decision to leave the EU. According to the UN, campaigns advocating a leave vote presented a ‘divisive, anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric’ (Stone, 2016) and in the three weeks following the vote there was a 20% increase in reported race related hate crime in the UK (BBC, 2016). As Brexit campaigners stated that leaving the EU would make ‘Britain Great Again’, anti-migrant and xenophobic narratives conflated, implying that migration threatens Britishness. Sociologically, in this context, the boundary between historically distinct fields (migration research and race and ethnicity research) becomes blurred. This event provides a timely opportunity to examine the interface between these fields and consider directions for future research.

Plenary speakers:

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9.30am - 10am: Registration and coffee
10am - 11.15am

Plenary 1: Chair - Dr Majella Kilkey

Brexit and the challenges for sociology: Whatever happened to the sociology of migration
Professor Louise Ryan, Professorial Research Fellow, University of Sheffield.

Pathological Integration: East Europeans, racism and becoming British
Dr Jon Fox, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Bristol.

REMAIN/LEAVE: The impact of Brexit depicted in a series of couple portraits
Jeremy Abrahams, Theatre and Portrait Photographer.

11.15am - 12.45pm: Parallel session

Panel 1: Chair - Dr Julie Walsh
Beyond ‘the EU vs non-EU’ rhetoric

Transnational Belonging of Asian and Bangladeshi Minority Identities
Dr Rumana Hashem, Post-doctoral Associate, University of East London.

Making sense of a divided communities: arts methodologies for social cohesion
Zanib Rasool, PhD researcher, University of Sheffield.
Kate Pahl, Professor of Literacies in Education, University of Sheffield.

Muslim men’s lives in post-Brexit Britain: Gender, age and generation.
Dr Jo Britton, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Sheffield.

Panel 2: Chair - Dr Iryna Kushnir
Kaleidoscope of emotions around Brexit: feelings, memories and attitudes

Unpacking meaning of insecurity among LGBT ‘Eastern European’ migrants in Scotland in the context of Brexit
Dr Anna Gawlewiz, Research Fellow, University of Glasgow (co-authored with F. Stella and M. Flynn).

Haunted by the European past? Jewish experiences of the post-Brexit-vote landscape
Dr Ruth Sheldon, Research Fellow, Birkbeck, University of London.

Using International Surveys to study attitudes towards migration
Dr Aneta Piekut, Sheffield Methods Institute, University of Sheffield.

12.45pm - 1.30pm: Lunch
1.30pm - 3pm: Parallel session

Panel 3: Chair - Dr Marcia Vera-Espinoza
Integration and belonging

Belonging pre and post Brexit: strategies employed by migrant families living in a high-leave-vote city
Dr Julie Walsh, Research Associate, University of Sheffield.

Anchoring and un-anchoring in a post-Brexit-vote Britain
Dr Aleksandra Kazlowska, Lecturer and Research Associate, University of Birmingham.

Resilience, reworking and resistance tactics and strategies among EU citizens in post-Brexit Britain
Dr Hazel Baxter-Reid, Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

Panel 4: Chair - Dr William J Mason
Children and the youth in the context of Brexit

So near and yet so far: exploring diversity, belonging and identity with Sheffield’s primary school children
Dr Sabine Little, University of Sheffield.

Young people’s everyday experiences of nationhood and living with urban diversity
Dr Robin Finlay, Postdoc Researcher, Newcastle University.

‘Including the Excluded’; rejecting the exclusion of forced migrants from higher education
Rebecca Murray, PhD Researcher University of Sheffield, and Director Article 26.

3pm - 3.30pm: Refreshment break
3.30pm - 4.30pm: Parallel session

Panel 5: Chair - Dr Joe Turner
British welfare in and beyond the UK

Implications of Brexit for British Pensioners in Spain
Dr Kelly Hall, Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Birmingham.

Access to social welfare as a facilitator of migrant women’s gender roles
Dr Eva Duda-Mikulin, Research Associate, Manchester Met. University.

Panel 6: Chair - Dr Gwyneth Lonergan
Panel title TBC

Cross-border caring? Reflections on tissue donation and international cooperation
Dr Ros Williams, Research Associate, University of Sheffield.

Researching deathscape provisions among minorities and migrants in a post-Brexit-vote Britain
Brenda Mathijssen and Dr Danny McNally, University of Reading (co-authored with A. Maddrell, Y. Beebeejaun and K.McClymont).

4.30pm - 5.30pm: Closing plenary

Closing plenary Chair (TBC)

Sociological research agendas post-Brexit: identifying and understanding urgencies, priorities and opportunities
Professor Sarah Neal, Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield.

The what, how and why of researching race and immigration post-Brexit
Dr Hannah Lewis, Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield.

5.30pm: Conference closes