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Early Career Researcher Workshop on Open Access to Research Data

Halifax Hall
University of Sheffield

14 and 15 May 2015

The move towards open science is having a strong impact on research practices within all fields of research across the sciences, humanities and social sciences. Policies at national, European and global levels are driving forward open access to research data. This means that publicly funded researchers are increasingly requested to prepare and submit their data to open access repositories for re-use. This workshop introduces the key aspects of making data open and through inquiry-based learning it will prepare researchers to address a range of issues they might face in making their own data open.

The workshop is based on the findings from the RECODE project, which identified some of the disciplinary specific issues in making data open as well as the overarching issues. The workshop focuses on how to make data open in terms of management, preparation and storage. This event will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to open access to research data;
  • How to develop data management plans;
  • Identifying relevant tools, resources and data repositories;
  • Introducing data preparation for open access;
  • Ethical and legal issues in open access to research data.

This workshop is specifically aimed at early career researchers in all disciplines, within science, social science and humanities. The participants will benefit from the extensive knowledge of the RECODE consortium and other related experts. Registration and attendance are free. Travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed. Accommodation is available at the workshop venue.

Workshop participants will gain in-depth knowledge about the practice and process of making data open that will prepare them better for their future research careers. Further, it will prepare them for upcoming changes in the European research environment, as well as national and international research environments.

Location: http://www.universityrooms.com/en/city/sheffield/college/halifaxhall

Programme outline

14 May - Day One

9:30am - Arrival and refreshments

10:00 – Welcome

10:10 – Introduction to Open access to research from RECODE team

10:45 - Presentation: Making and keeping research data open

11:45 – Hands-on session 1: Getting to know your data

12:45pm – Lunch

13:45 – Reporting back on hands-on session 1

14:15 –Presentation: Data management and Data Management Plans for open research data

15:15 – Coffee Break

15:30 – Hands-on session 2: Preparing a DMP for open data

16:30 - Reporting back on hands-on session 2

17:15 - Closing of day one and instruction for next day.

15 May – Day Two

9:30am – Arrival and refreshments

10:00 – Presentation: Ethical and legal issues

11:00 – Hands-on session 3 – addressing ethical and legal issues

12:00pm – Discussion on the possibilities and limitations of open research data in different fields

12.30 – Final summary, evaluation and wrap up

13:00 – End.