Dr Nazmy Villaroel-Williams


Department of Sociological Studies

Research Fellow in Public Health


Staff: Nazmy Villaroel-Williams

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Dr Nazmy Villaroel-Williams
Department of Sociological Studies
Elmfield Building
Northumberland Road
S10 2TU

Nazmy K. Villarroel-Williams is a NIHR SPHR post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Sociological Studies. Before moving to Sheffield, she worked with Professors Anne MacFarlane and Ailish Hannigan, on the Ethnic Minority Health in Ireland—Co-creating knowledge (EMH-IC) project, funded by the Health Research Board, at the University of Limerick (Ireland).

Previously, she worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Edinburgh with Professor Raj Bhopal and Dr Emma Davidson, on an international collaborative research project entitled: 'Counting a Diverse Nation: Disaggregating Data on Race and Ethnicity to Advance a Culture of Health', funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and PolicyLink.

Nazmy holds an MSc Tropical Medicine & International Health, MPH, and PhD in Public Health. She has worked, supported and promoted migrant health research while collaborating with diverse NGOs (e.g. Doctors of the world, Save the children, Doras Luimní) in different countries (e.g. Croatia, UK, Spain, Ireland,) since 2006.

Research interests

Nazmy is interested in all aspects of research in health data analysis, particularly concerning immigrant and refugee health and health care, ethnic health inequalities, the fundamental cause of health inequalities, social epidemiology, population health, indigenous/aboriginal health inequalities, global health and gender inequalities.

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