Joseph Wong

Department of Sociological Studies

PhD Student


I have a diverse range of professional experience, including accounting, business consulting, applications programming, IT planning, data and statistical research and analysis. I joined the Department of Sociological Studies in 2015 as a PhD student.

  • MSc Health and Social Care Research, University of Sheffield, U.K.;
  • MBA, Simon Fraser University, Canada;
  • BA Philosophy, University of London, U.K.; BS Management Information Systems, University of the State of New York, U.S.; Bachelor of Business, University of Southern Queensland, Australia.
Research interests

Research interests:

  • Demographics;
  • Older workers;
  • Labour market;
  • Workplace injury;
  • Subjective wellbeing.

Thesis title: An Explorative Study of the Experiences of Underemployed Older Workers in Canada.

My thesis concerns with Canada’s aging phenomenon, which calls for extension of the work life of older workers to ensure the sustainability of economic and labour growth as well as the financial viability of social security systems. While older people increase their participation in the labour market, a higher number of them experience underemployment in various forms. Not only could this adversely affect their subjective wellbeing, but also render them to withdraw prematurely from the labour market. In broad terms, the objective of this research is to two-fold: (1) to analyze the issue of underemployment for older workers using quantitative data from social surveys, and (2) to understand the nuances of their underemployment experiences by semi-structured interviews. It is expected that the findings would contribute to advancement of knowledge in social gerontology. 

Research group