Kwaku Gyening Owusu

MSc, MSSc, BA (Hons)

Department of Sociological Studies

PhD Student

  • MSc. in Social Work and Human Rights, Gothenburg University, Sweden
  • MSSc. in International and European Relations, Linkoping University, Sweden
  • BA (Hons) in Political Science and the Study of Religions, University of Ghana
Research interests
  • Migration
  • International Development
  • Social Policy

Thesis: Migration and Development: The Ghanaian Diaspora as Drivers of Welfare Development Back Home

My research broadly focuses on migration and the impact it has on development. As one of the by-products of globalisation and neo-liberalism, migration has become a topic of concern and discussion in recent discourses.

As a sensitive topic for both sending and receiving countries, there are also different opinions and attitudes towards migration and migrants respectively. Hence, the need to investigate the effects of immigration.

My research will be case studied on the Ghanaian Diaspora in the UK and how they impact Ghana’s welfare development, i.e. the welfare of individual households in Ghana with families in the UK.

Based on the outcomes I will be able to suggest sustainable migration polices for policymakers and international development scholars on future migration policies.

Research group


Professional activities
  • Researcher- UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning, Hamburg, Germany
  • Social Worker- Inter-cultural Migrants Integration Centre, Hamburg, Germany
  • Owusu, Kwaku G. (2011), Employment; A Crucial Tool for Integrating Immigrants and foreigners in Sweden, Saarbrucken, Lambert Academic Publishing.
  • Owusu, Kwaku G. (2008), Military Coups in Ghana; A by-product for Global Economic Injustices? 2008, Linkoping, LIU Press.