photo of Hannah May FletcherHannah May Fletcher

MA Sociology and Social Research, Newcastle University, 2017
BA (Hons) History and Sociology, University of Sheffield, 2016

Scholarships and Awards
University of Sheffield Faculty of Social Science, Doctoral Academy Award Scholarship, 2017
University of Sheffield George Richard Potter Prize in History, 2016
University of Sheffield G. P. Jones Prize in Economic History, 2016
Montana State University President's Honour Roll, 2014


Twitter: @HannahMayFletch

Thesis title / scope of research

The implications of Brexit for dimensions of belonging among British-born white residents in England

My PhD considers white British-born residents’ perspectives on the Brexit vote and England’s post-referendum future in order to generate understandings of the new conditions of belonging. The research will interrogate opinions towards whiteness, migration, multiculture and ethnicity, alongside senses of national identity and belonging. My research will be conducted in two different Sheffield neighbourhoods, thereby also questioning whether such discourses are class-specific. The work will explore the role of the white population’s anxieties in the context of the Brexit vote, identifying emerging formations of whiteness and nationalism. It also seeks to advise how best to foster cohesion and belonging in an established diverse multicultural society.


  • Dr Jo Britton and Professor Sarah Neal
  • Professor John Flint

Research Interests

  • Critical whiteness studies
  • Theories of ‘race’ and racism
  • Sociology of class
  • Migration studies
  • Nations and nationalism