Image of Natalie BennettNatalie C Bennett

MSc Health and Society: Social Epidemiology, University College London
BA Human Geography (Hons), University of Leicester


Twitter: @NatalieCB_1

Thesis title / scope of research

Social connectedness and mental well-being in communities experiencing ethnic change

My research aims to understand the effect of ethnic density on social cohesion and mental well-being for both minority ethnic and majority ethnic residents. Current knowledge of the pathways between ethnic density and mental health will be mapped out and synthesised in a visual format. The research also aims to explore how local area policy may influence this relationship by producing a typology of local area government cohesion policy and attitudes. The theoretical framework and policy typology will be incorporated into and used to structure statistical analysis of data from the cohort study Understanding Society.

Joint supervisor(s)

Research interests

  • Health inequality
  • The social determinants of health
  • Social cohesion
  • Neighbourhood effects
  • Ethnic density
  • Understanding Society (UKHLS)
  • Mental health and well-being.

Teaching experience

2019/2020 Department of Sociological Studies Graduate Teaching Associate on the modules ‘Doing Quantitative Sociological Research’ and ‘Doing Social Research’.

Scholarships and awards

  • NIHR SPHR Studentship 2018-2021 (Funding reference: SPHR-PHD-SHF-002)
  • UCL MSc Health and Society: Social Epidemiology Postgraduate Bursary for academic excellence (2017-2018)
  • University of Leicester Department of Geography award for excellence in Geography (2014-2017)