Ping ChenPhoto of Ping Cheng, February 2015

MA Globalisation and Development
Msc International Business Management

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Thesis title / scope of research

My research focuses on the internet surveillance in china: the online activism of the chinese government.

This research aims to examine the both sides of the assumption. On the one hand, the Chinese government has published a number of regulations to increase the surveillance of internet discourse. A number of institutions are established to censor and filter the information posted on websites and individual blogs that is considered as “disharmony”. On the other hand, the government has used the Internet as an important shaper of norms by posting a large number of state-led discourses online. Apart from posting “positive” information on those governmental-owned websites or official websites of news media, a large number of “Internet commentators” are employed to participating into Internet-related activities. By posting “positive” articles, writing responses to posts and joining the debates, the responsibility of these Internet commentators is to guide the direction of the debates and public opinion online in accordance with the principles laid down by the propaganda departments of the party.


  • Professor Clive Norris
  • Dr Matthias Benzer

Research interests

My research interests include but not limited to the following:

  • Internet surveillance and its reflections in China
  • A review of regulations of internet surveillance in China