Yang Luophoto of Yang Luo

MSc in Comparative Public Policy, University of Edinburgh, UK
BSc in Public Finance, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, China

email: yluo9@sheffield.ac.uk

Thesis title / scope of research

CoSocial Insurance for Rural-Urban Migrant Workers: Regional Disparities in China

My research focuses on social insurance for rural-urban migrant workers in China, especially the regional disparities. The background of my research is based on the dualistic and the fragmented social insurance system in China. The long existing split between urban and rural areas gives no place to migrant workers who are rural residents but are employed in urban areas. Should social insurance for migrant workers be an individual system or integrated into rural or urban system? That is a question that still not being solved, and different provinces have different solutions for it. The aim of my research is to explore the causes for these regional differences in social insurance for migrant workers by using comparative research methods and to investigate the role of government officials and migrant workers in the system through interviews. I hope the research will aid our understanding of regional variations in the development of social insurance for rural-urban migrant workers and provide implications for the welfare system in China.


  • Professor Alan Walker (primary)
  • Dr Majella Kilkey


Member of the Social Policy Association (http://www.social-policy.org.uk)

Conference presentations

‘Social Insurance for Migrant Workers in China’ in 2014 PGR Conference of the Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield