Image of Zheng YangZheng Yang

MA in Journalism and Communication, University of Science and Technology of China
BA in Advertising, Liaoning University


Twitter: @zhengy1409

Thesis title / scope of research

Citizen Scientists, Boundary-work and Scientific Authority, Struggle for Discourse Authority between Scientists and the Public in New Media Environment of China

My research seeks to explore the discourse power relationship between scientists and the public in the science communication process in new media environment of China, taking Zhihu as the research field.


Other experience / research interests

Research interests:

  • Science communication/ Public understanding of science;
  • Digital methods;
  • Sociology of Science and Medicine.

Scholarships and Awards

  • Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC)——University of Sheffield Joint Scholarship, 2017-2021
  • Excellent Graduates of Anhui Province of China, 2017
  • National Scholarship of China, 2015, 2016

Publications and conferences

Zheng Yang. Discourse Features of Science Communication in Knowledge-Sharing Networks: Scientists and Citizen Scientists on Zhihu. Proceedings of 14th Conference of the European Sociological Association, Manchester, the UK, August 2019.

Li, Y. Z., He, T. L., Song, Y. R., Yang, Z., & Zhou, R. T. (2017). Factors impacting donors’ intention to donate to charitable crowd-funding projects in china: a utaut-based model. Information Communication & Society (4), 1-12.