I chose the course in order to equip myself with modern methodologies in perceiving and analysing social problems, policies, research and impact

Humaira Anwar
Humaira Anwar
MSc International Social Change and Policy
Current Student
Humaira is a proud Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust Scholar.
Humaira Anwar
Humaira Anwar

Being a Pakistani woman, belonging to a middle class, conservative background, I have always been a rebel who goes by her own rules. My self-doubt and introvert nature have a fair share in my decision making process, but I always believe in higher purpose so I know I will eventually achieve my dreams. And here I am, a proud Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust Scholar and student at one of the world’s top 100 universities, The University of Sheffield.

Receiving a UK postgraduate degree has always been my dream, but I have faced a cracking financial situation in Pakistan, zero savings and my family not in a situation to afford the expenses of my foreign studies, as I am one of four siblings and my parents need to look out for everyone. So, when all my hopes were vanishing, that became the time I was selected for and awarded the Allan & Nesta Ferguson scholarship. With this scholarship, my beliefs were rekindled and I started dreaming again.

Given my work experience of four years in women's development and empowerment in Pakistan, I have chosen the MSc in International Social Change and Policy in order to equip myself with modern methodologies and innovation in perceiving and analysing social problems, policies, research and anticipated impact.

An EU flag

One of my modules in the course of study is about Brexit. I first chose it due to my curiosity of knowing the phenomenon but the more I delved into it, I have found it very interesting specifically knowing that how a simple decision has wide implications on the country's social, political and economic landscape. Aside from my course, I’m loving my life both at the University and in the city of Sheffield. Both of the places have tremendous experiences to offer and I have just begun to explore and feel. Cold weather and endless walking are not really my best suit, but I will soon get used to it. 

Lastly, to all the students who are aiming to become a scholar like me in upcoming years, I would like to suggest you to work hard on your current profile and future ambitions. Along with good performance in your undergraduate qualification, you should also exhibit strong interpersonal and professional skills, which comes from work experience so either work full-time for a year or two or volunteer for a period of time. This gives you a distinctive edge as well as a clear ambition to craft your own path of success. Last but not the least, believe in higher purpose and work hard. Good things will eventually come your way.

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