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Applying for a PhD: Initial enquiries

You need not worry about this stage of the process if you feel you have sufficient information about the department.

Enquiries are welcome at any time of year. Please make your initial contact with our Research Student Admissions Tutor. You may if you wish contact a potential supervisor directly but if that member of staff is away from Sheffield at the time of your enquiry a reply can be considerably delayed.

Contact through the Admissions Tutor means enquiries will reach the relevant member of staff as rapidly as possible.

Postgraduate Admissions Tutor

Dr Kate Weiner
Tel: 0114 222 6491

Postgraduate Admissions Officer

Zoe Spink
Tel: 0114 222 6402

The Research Student Admissions Tutor is able to give you personal help and advice and pass your enquiry to an appropriate supervisor or supervisors. If you wish to undertake your research with a specific member of staff please make this clear to the admissions tutor.

We can, of course, provide advice and help by post. If you prefer to contact us in this way address your letters to:

Dr Kate Weiner
Department of Sociological Studies,
The University of Sheffield,
Northumberland Road,
S10 2TU,

Remember to tell us:

In making your initial enquiry please provide us with a brief indication of your academic background and your research interests to allow us to focus our reply on your specific needs.

If we are unable to provide you with expert supervision in your areas of interest we will tell you at this stage. If we have the necessary supervisory expertise we will send you a University application form and information packs about the University, Graduate Research Office and Department.