Collectively our team have secured approximately £11m funding, for 46 projects which relate to the topic of loneliness.

Examples of some of our team’s recent projects include:

Evaluation of Time to Shine

‘Time to Shine’ is a six year, cross-partnership project, commissioned by Leeds Older People’s Forum and funded through the Big Lottery Fulfilling lives: Ageing Better Programme. The project involves commissioning a range of third sector organisations to work toward reducing the social isolation and loneliness of people over 50 who reside in Leeds, with a ‘co-production’ approach built into the programme. The evaluation study involves a mixed method approach of analysis of monitoring and survey data and focus groups and individual interviews with project beneficiaries, volunteers, and staff. The evaluation results are being used on an ongoing basis to inform the delivery of the Time To Shine programme.

• Funded by Leeds Older People's Forum, through the Big Lottery Ageing Better programme.

Link to reports

Evaluation of Time to Shine: Year 2 Interim Findings

Time to Shine Evaluation Interim Report Summary: The Beneficiary Experience

The team have also produced a range of case studies for the project, please visit,

Evaluation of the British Red Cross Community Connectors programme

The British Red Cross Community Connectors Programme aims to reduce the social isolation and loneliness of a range of groups, including: young new mums (aged 18-24); individuals with mobility limitations; individuals with health issues; individuals who are recently divorced or separated; individuals living without children at home and retirees; and the recently bereaved. The evaluation is capturing learning about what works and why through a mixed method approach, including a two phase survey, social return on investment analysis, one to one interviews, focus groups and case studies using participatory mapping methods.

• Funded by The British Red Cross

Social Isolation and Loneliness

This project involved a review of literature to explore the links between social isolation and loneliness and formed the basis of the development of a new conceptual framework for understanding social relationships and loneliness.

• Funded by Age UK

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Evaluation of Get Moving

Get Moving was an eight month initiative funded by the Greater London Authority which aimed to reduce the social isolation of older people in Greater London through supporting activities delivered by community organisations. This evaluation explored the extent to which the interventions were successful through a two stage survey of participants and range of stakeholder interviews.

• Funded by GLA (Greater London Authority)

Link to reports

Get Moving: Pilot Scheme Review

Social Isolation Index

It has long been recognised that becoming socially isolated can have detrimental effects on a person’s physical and mental health. To help identify those most at risk, an index representing social isolation amongst older people in Leeds was created by Leeds City Council. This project involved sense testing the Social Isolation Index.

• Funded by Leeds City Council

Link to articles and reports

Assessing the Effectiveness of Social Indices to Measure the Prevalence of Social Isolation in Neighbourhoods: A Qualitative Sense Check of an Index in a Northern English City

Evaluation of Fit as a Fiddle

This project involved the evaluation of Age UK’s Fit as a Fiddle programme which ran from January 2014 to June 2015. The programme involved three connected projects: Fit for the Future, Cascade Training and Dementia Friendly communities. We evaluated these through the quantitative analysis of data collected in a longitudinal survey of participants, case studies, focus groups, and in-depth interviews. The Fit for the Future project had a range of benefits for older people who participated in it, including an enhancement of their social connections.

• Funded by Age UK

Link to reports

Age UK’s Fit for the Future Project Evaluation report

Age UK’s Cascade Training Programme Evaluation report

Age UK’s Dementia Friendly Programme Evaluation report

Age UK’s Fit for the Future Project ‘Social Prescribing’ extension project