Care, Work and Sustainability

This group has been developed at the University of Alberta, Canada, led by Prof. J Fast and Prof. N Keating. Within the group, Sue Yeandle also collaborates closely with Prof. D Lero, University of Guelph, Canada, on the development of research designed to strengthen the evidence base on organisational change and support for carers to manage work and care. Aspects of this work have been supported by WUN contributions made by the universities of Alberta, Leeds and Sydney.

European Social Network

The ESN has over 100 member organisations in 34 countries and brings together people who plan, finance, research, manage, regulate and deliver local public social services, including health, social welfare, employment, education and housing. Andrea Wigfield leads CIRCLE’s involvement with this network, which has been developed through her role as Director of Care-Connect. The network comprises national associations of directors; departments of social welfare of government, regions and municipalities; funding and regulatory agencies; universities; and other R&D organisations.

Female Labour Force Participation, Welfare States & Social Cohesion

Sue Yeandle led the UK contribution to this consortium of eleven universities, funded under the EU Framework Programme 7, (Grant Agreement 266806, 2011-15). Directed by Prof. P Jensen, University of Aalborg, Denmark, the network comprised leading and emerging scholars in eleven EU states and produced a new survey of women in EU eleven cities. Substantial scholarly output has been completed, and additional contributions are in development with FLOWS partners.

Gender, Migration and the Work of Care

Gender, Migration and the Work of Care (GM&WC) is funded as a partnership project by Canada’s Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Led at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Global Social Policy by Prof. I Peng, the partnership brings an interdisciplinary theoretical lens to analysis of the global concept of care, work, gender and migration, through work in three domains: ‘care provisioning’; ‘supply and demand of care work’; and ‘shaping and framing care’. SSHRC confirmed CIRCLE’s membership as a GM&WC partner in October 2015, shortly after CIRCLE’s move to Sheffield. The collaboration with CIRCLE, led by Sue Yeandle, will involve other members of the Department and include an international meeting in Sheffield. Peng/Yeandle will co-author a background paper for UNWomen in 2016.

Global Social Initiative on Ageing

The GSIA is a research network of the IAGG (the International Association of Gerontology & Geriatrics), led by Prof. N Keating (Canada). Sue Yeandle is a founding GSIA member and in 2015 convened its 1st International Master Class for early career scholars, on ‘Population Ageing & the Challenges of Integrating Paid Work & Family Care’ (held in Dublin). The first GSIA international expert seminar in Canada (2011) was part-funded by WUN awards at Alberta, Sydney and Leeds.

Older Workers and Care-giving

This international scholarly collaboration was funded by WUN awards at Leeds (Sue Yeandle), Alberta (Fast) and Sydney (O’Loughlin), and by CEPAR (Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research, Australia) ( International seminars and planning meetings were held in the UK, Australia, Canada, South Korea and Japan. CEPAR investment in the Seoul meeting resourced the involvement of scholars from China, Korea and South Africa. Collaborative academic output arising from this is forthcoming in Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology for a special issue on Older Workers and Caregiving in a Global Context, including a paper by Yeandle & Buckner.

Social Services, Welfare States & Places

Sue Yeandle is a Management Committee member of this EU COST network, chaired by Prof. F Martinelli, Univ. Mediterranea di Regio Calabria, Italy. The network runs 2011-2016, includes scholars in 22 countries and facilitates the participation of academics at all career stages. Its short-term scientific mission fund has enabled scholars from Hungary, Italy and Spain to study at CIRCLE and three CIRCLE research staff to study in Italy, Iceland and Hungary). The network holds international meetings and promotes comparative international analysis / publications. Yeandle has a paper accepted for the network’s special issue of the Journal of Social Service Research.

Work and Family Researchers Network

This network was formed in 2012, and Sue Yeandle contributed to an international panel at its inaugural conference. WFRN is an international membership organisation of interdisciplinary work and family researchers which promotes knowledge and understanding of work and family issues among the community of global stakeholders. Yeandle and/or other CIRCLE colleagues have presented research at all WFRN meetings to date, have contributed to its Disability, Work & Parenting Study Group, and aim to participate in the next conference (Careers, Care, and Life-Course “Fit:” Implications for Health, Equality, and Policy) being held in Washington DC, USA, in June 2016 .

Working Carers, Caring Workers

This network (Australia, Finland, Japan, Sweden, Taiwan, UK) was funded by the Academy of Finland 2008-12. Sue Yeandle led participation for the UK and co-edited the main international output with project leader Prof. T Kröger (Policy Press, 2013). CIRCLE hosted the project’s International Conference on Work-Care Reconciliation in Leeds, 2013. Finnish project funding ended in 2013 but the network continues to facilitate ongoing international collaboration in Finland, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan and Australia, including an international conference Care, Work & Migration held in Taipei’s International Convention Centre, November 2014, at which Yeandle gave an invited keynote address.

Project-focused bilateral international research collaborations in Australia and Canada

  • UNSW, Sydney: (Sue Yeandle, partner investigator) Carers & Social Inclusion [award to Dr P Hill]
  • MIT, Melbourne: (Sue Yeandle, international partner investigator) Workforce challenges under cash-for-care models [award to Dr Fiona MacDonald, due to start 2016, for 2 years]
  • McMaster: (Sue Yeandle, as co-I) SSHRC grant application under review for a partnership award on A new Caregiver-Friendly Workplace Standard.