PhD student Lauren White speaks to BBC about toilet mapping for IBS sufferers

Image of PhD student Lauren WhiteHave you ever been desperate for the toilet and not been able to find the nearest one?

What if this happened several times a day?

Sociological Studies PhD student Lauren White is researching the impact conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can have on people's lives by mapping the toilets in her city, and she recently spoke to BBC Five Live about her research and also her personal experiences.

Lauren said: “When you’ve got conditions like IBS, toilets can be one of the things you think about every single day. It can be the difference between whether you go out or not. Is there enough toilet roll there? Is there a toilet brush?

“In an ideal world, we shouldn’t have to toilet map because there should be enough toilets, and enough accessible toilets, to not have to worry about it.

“We need to start a conversation about how IBS is something very real that affects people."

You can watch the BBC video here.

You can read more about Lauren’s PhD research, and the Economic and Social Research (ESRC) Council writing competition award Lauren won earlier this year, based on her research, on page 17 of the new issue of Research Matters here.